Install YouTube++ to iOS 11, 12 without Jailbreak

Are you tired of your YouTube not being able to download videos and audio files on your device? If your answer is yes, then you need to worry no more. YouTube++, a tweaked version of YouTube app provides you with many functionalities that allow you to have lots of setting controls that you’d never have had access to unless you have a jailbreak.

Some of the notable features include the ability to play music and videos without necessarily being in an app, and it allows you to download all your videos and audio on your device without exporting them to camera roll.

How to Install YouTube++Without Jailbreak

You will need the following:

  • A Mac Computer operating on the latest OS X
  • iPad, iPod or an iPhone
  • Xcode 7
  • Apple ID

Once you’ve met the above requirements, it’s time to get in the business. The following steps will be very helpful in this endeavor.

Step 1. With your device and Mac computer ready, go to the Apple Store, download and install Xcode.

Step 2. Open your browser, navigate to the PPSideloader page on and download it.

Step 3. On your browser, open a second tab so that you can download the YouTube app. Click on the download button and wait a few minutes for the download to complete. Once the download id did find, both files using finder then get started by unzipping the zipped PPSideloader file.

Step 4. At this step, you’ll need to replace the .ipa in the folder with the YouTube app. However, before doing so, rename the file to app.ipa then drag and drop it in the ppsideloader folder and click to replace.

Step 5. Launch the .xcodeproj file and when prompted, tap to open. Tap on PPSideloader, however, before starting, ensure that everything is fine with the Xcode. Ensure this by checking the status bar at the top tap on Xcode > Preferences.

Step 6. Tap the + sign at the bottom left the side of your device. This will prompt you to add your Apple ID or developer account.

Step 7. After signing in, tap on view details button then taps the create button under the action tab for iOS development. Close this two windows now.

Step 8. Under the bundle identifier type youtube.<yourname>. For the team, click the drop down bar, select your Apple ID then tap fix issue. This will fix all the issues and eliminate the warnings. Select 9.3 as the deployment target regardless of the iOS you’re using.

Step 9. Finally, choose the device you’d want to install the app on at the top and leave everything else as it is. Tap the build and run button at the top left and let things roll.

Step 10. Once the installation is complete, head to your device and check it out.

As easy as this, start enjoying your new YouTube++ app without having to jailbreak your device.

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