How To Use Spotify As Alarm Clock (Using SpotAlarm)

SpotAlarm tweak is a jailbreak tweak that allows you to play a song on Spotify as your alarm. If you’re in love with the idea of waking up to your favorite song instead of the normal iPhone ringtones, this tweak could make a great addition to your collection. Being a jailbreak tweak, you can only install this tweak after jailbreaking your iOS device.

By default, this Spotify alarm clock app allows you to set as alarm sounds music within Spotify’s directory. Spotify is very popular nowadays, and almost every listener has a preferred playlist that gets him or her going. With SpotAlarm, your playlist is within your control, and so is your wake up time.

You can enable or disable SpotAlarm on your device settings in the preferences pane. The same panel contains a text field where you can paste the link to the song you want to SpotAlarm to play as your alarm tune. Follow these steps to get the link to your favorite song and paste it to the text field:

  • Open your Spotify App and locate the song you would like to use for alarms
  • Tap to open play
  • Tap to open the “Now Playing” interface
  • On the bottom right section of the screen, you will see an ellipses button that reveals a menu
  • Tap the “Share” button which is on the menu
  • After prompting to share, another menu appears that has a “Copy Link” function, click it to add the link to the clipboard
  • You are almost done. Now, go back to your SpotAlarm Preference settings and simply paste the link on the text field.


The Spotify Alarm iPhone tweak described above only works for devices that are unlocked. It will not work if your device is passcode or Touch ID protected since the tweak first unlocks the device, launches Spotify alarm clock in background and connects to the internet to find the link to the song whose link you provided. This might be inconveniencing to many.

You will only enjoy one song at a time and adding entire playlists requires sophisticated codes that fail to work in some instances.

SpotAlarm is still a tweak that requires a lot of effort to make it even better. However, this doesn’t mean that it isn’t of any good use now. The alarm works perfectly to wake you up to any song you have selected on Spotify. However, it can be made better.

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