Safari Download Enabler: Download Files from the Web on Safari

Safari Download Enabler allows you to download videos and other types of files directly from your Safari browser. With this tweak, your browser will feel much more like a computer. As one of the most intuitive applications on Cydia, the download enabler allows you to download files easier than you’d have thought. Without further ado, the following tutorial will show you how to download files from the Safari browser using Safari Download Enabler.

How to Install Safari Download Enabler

This Safari downloader is available for the jailbroken iOS devices and can be downloaded directly from the Cydia Big Boss repo. It can be accessed simply by visiting Cydia and typing in the search box, Safari Download Enabler. Once it has appeared on the list, just tap on it to download.

Features of the Safari Download Enabler

  • Shake your device while playing a video to download HTML5 videos
  • Tap and hold on an image and link to download them
  • Has a user-agent faker that allows downloading from some websites that have restrictions
  • Allows you to view the local files and folders

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How to View & Edit Downloads

  • Tap and hold bookmarks icon to open the downloads list. In case there are no active downloads and the browser will open
  • Tap on a file on the downloads list to open, save, and open in an application of choice
  • While saving a file, tap and hold the save button to save with a different name.
  • Simply swipe across a file to delete it
  • To view contents in a directory, type its path on the address bar or locate it in the file browser, then tap and hold and open in Safari
  • You can also add local files and directories to the home screen, in a similar manner like other URLs

Safari Download Enabler works is absolutely free and works perfectly. It is available for iOS 6 and above from the Cydia BigBoss repository.

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