Retroarch Emulator Download Guide & Alternatives [No Jailbreak]

Emulators have been around for a while in the iOS world. In the past, many people had to jailbreak their devices in order to play games from the emulators. Emulators are used for creating a virtual environment in the device, from which you can play games that aren’t intended for the iOS. In this setting, you won’t need to download any game. You just need to install its ROM in order to play. The Retroarch emulator is one of those that helps you play games on the iPhone, iPad, and iPod.

Games you can play on Retroarch

Retroarch is regarded as one of the best alternatives for GBA4iOS since it allows you to play games such as Pokemon Go, Super Mario, Zelda, and Minecraft, among others. With this emulator, you don’t need to install anything else, simply download its ROM file and play the games without any problems.

Just as its name suggests, Retroarch is a very old emulator that supports plenty of iPhone, iPad, and iPod devices. It works on iOS version 7, 8, 9 and 10 as well. It also supports all the latest iPhone versions including iPhone 7 and works on the iPad Air, and Mini.

How to Install Retroarch Emulator for iOS Without Jailbreaking

This emulator requires the date trick to install. Follow the procedure carefully to install the Retroarch emulator without jailbreaking your iOS device.

  • Go to Settings > General > Date and Time Settings
  • Turn off ‘Set Automatically’ and adjust time to around October 2012 or before manually
  • Open Safari browser
  • Visit
  • Find Retroarch emulator
  • Tap install
  • Click install on the confirmation window
  • Once installed, visit Settings > General > Profile and Device Management
  • Find Retroarch profile and tap to trust it
  • Open the emulator and find the games you would like to play

If you have no idea where to find games such as Pokemon for this emulator, then just visit and download a ROM file of your choosing. One ROM normally contains more than one game, so it should keep you entertained. Just open the ROM file on the emulator for you to play the game. If you encounter any problems, please leave a comment below.

RetroArch is one of the best emulators for iOS. However, if it doesn’t work with your iOS version or doesn’t support your favorite games, you will require an alternative that provides an almost similar experience to RetroArch. In this article, I will be showing you the best RetroArch alternatives to download.

What makes RetroArch special?

RetorArch is powerful with a neat user interface that allows you to enjoy your favorite games with minimal interruption. You can rewind, apply shaders, and even enable netplay, all which contribute to making your gaming experience even better.

Top RetroArch alternatives

Delta Emulator

With GBA4iOS now unfunctional, Delta emulator was released for iOS 8 and above. This emulator works perfectly fine for iOS 11 and 10 and allows you to play your favorite retro games seamlessly. Delta emulates more gaming consoles including Nintendo 64, Game Boy Advance, Game Boy, and even Super Nintendo.

With more options that you had on GBA4iOS, Delta Emulator is definitely the best you can find at present. Besides, it is easy to download and install.

Download Delta


N64iOS is a Nintendo 64 emulator that allows you to play your favorite Nintendo games right on your iPhone or iPad. This powerful emulator provides an excellent gaming environment for you to enjoy those childhood favorite games.

It has been updated for iOS 11to provide a serious gaming experience on the latest iPhone and iPad devices. It offers multi-platform support in addition to ultimate control over the way the emulator works. With a streamlined design and readily available ROMs, there is no reason why you shouldn’t use N64iOS.

Download N64

iNDS Emulator

iNDS is a Nintendo DS emulator that allows you to play your favorite classic games on your iPhone or iPad. It has a huge collection of ROMs which has made it one of the best emulators. It contains many game tweaks and cheats that take emulator gaming to new levels.

You can install iNDS to any version of iOS starting from 8 to 11. It works across any device, whether the iPhone or iPad, as long as it has the supported iOS version.

Check out iNDS

Happy Chick

If you want to play those pixelated but fun games like Pokémon or Super Mario Kart that you used to enjoy when much younger, then Happy Chick, also known as Xiaojigame, is the emulator you should download. This app contains all the emulators you will love, ranging from NDS4iOS to GBA4iOS and more.

With games being updated, this app will provide a fresh gaming experience while availing the latest updates of your favorite emulators. Although the app is in Chinese, downloading and using it isn’t so difficult, which is why it is one of the best RetroArch alternatives.

Download Happy Chick

Open Emu

OpenEmu is interesting in the sense that it provides plenty of enjoyable video games. The games are easy to browse, categorize, and add. If you have a gamepad, why should you restrict yourself to the keyboard? Open Emu allows you to use a video game controller to play your favorite games. You can easily assign buttons and the connector can be added via the USB or Bluetooth.

Having provided some of the best emulations you can find for iOS, OpenEmu is definitely one of the best emulators for classic games. There are plenty of ROMs available to make your gaming experience even better.

Download OpenEmu

Visual Boy Advance

This is one of the most popular Game Boy Advance emulators for iOS that comes with better features than most emulators. With Visual Boy Advance, you will enjoy a wide database of retro games as well as cheats and session recordings for an awesome gaming experience.

It supports Game Boy Color, Game Boy Classic, and Super Game Boy. Since it is a standalone program, it is easy to download and install.

Download Visual Boy Advance

With any of these RetroArch alternatives, you can be sure to download and install some of the best classic games in your iOS 10 and iOS 11 device.

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