How To Install Pokemon GO NOW FREE iOS (No Jailbreak)

Games is one important smartphone accessory any smartphone device ought to have. With the everyday inventions this games are fast catching up on real world issues one such game being the Pokemon Go. With its recent release the Pokemon game has been able to catch the attention of smartphone users, however with only one exception, the iPhone and iPad users. Unlike on the Android platforms, Pokemon Go game iOS platform has only been released in just a number of regions.

For those individuals out of the handful region, downloading and installing the iPhone Pokemon Go game is still possible but the process is slightly longer and complex. Among other things you’ll need to create an Apple app ID for a region where the game has been officially released. The following guide will help you successful download and install the Pokemon game on your iphone device.

Creating a new iTunes account (region of choice United States)

  1. Open iTunes App store
  2. On the Apple ID page, choose United States as your region from the drop-down menu
  3. When using an iPhone, open the App Store. Click Featured on the bottom panel.
  4. Click on your Apple ID on the bottom.
  5. If already signed in, sign out.
  6. Refresh the page and click on the sign in button.
  7. Type in your new Apple ID and password
  8. A pop-up reading “This Apple ID has not yet been used in the iTunes Store” will show. Click review.
  9. Select United States under Region or Country. Click Next.
  10. Agree to the terms and conditions after reading through them.
  11. Click Agree in the pop-up that comes.
  12. Under the Billing Information check out the None box.
  13. Search a valid US address and key it in.
  14. Enter a valid phone number then click Next.
  15. Complete by taping Done on the top-right.

Downloading and installing Pokemon Go on your iPhone-steps

  1. After you’ve created a US account, it’s time to begin your download process with a search at the bottom panel.
  2. Key in Pokemon Go and await the results.
  3. Once the page has completed the search, tap Get to download and install the game on your iPhone.

Downloading the Pokemon Go game on your iPhone is as easy as the steps get. However, once you’ve installed the game on your phone, repeat steps 3 to 7 above to switch back to your old Apple ID. Even with the switch you’ll still be able to enjoy your game.

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