Install Nintendo DS & Games iOS 9.3.2 on iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch [NO Jailbreak]

Nintendo and iPad/iPhone users have yet another reason to be happy and rejoice. This time round they can play all the classic NES games, Game Boy Advanced and now Nintendo DS without having to jailbreak their devices. Cool? I thought so too.

Nds4ios emulator unlike GBA4iOS has a jailbroken version therefore if your idevice if jailbroken this is then the best option to choose. If not, you’ll be sideloading it by going for the non jailbroken version. The following step by step instructions will guide you on how to successfully download and play Nintendo DS game on your iPhone/iPad.

Step 1: Downloading and installing the Emulator

Once you ensure that your device internet connections and web browser are functional, go to the nds4ios’s download page. Choose the version according to the condition of your device, if its jailbroken, choose the Cydia option and if not, choose the OTA version, then click on the “install” button once the popup appears.

Step 2: Change your Date

This is a very important step. Once the download starts, manually change the date on your device to February 8th 2014. To do this, go to Settings -> General -> Date & Time, uncheck the set automatically option and then adjust the date appropriately. In order for the process to be a success the date change ought to be after the download starts, not any earlier!

Step 3: Access the Emulator

After the date is changed, the download should complete and appear on your device. Install the emulator and then open it up.

Step 4: Add some Nintendo DS ROMs

With just the emulator, you need now to find the game. Tap the (+) sign at the top right of your screen to download only the ROMs that you own. If by chance you have some of your ROMs uploaded to your Dropbox account, worry not as you will be able to access them by linking up your Dropbox and your app.

Step 5: Play

It’s as simple as it gets. Once you’ve linked you app or downloaded your ROMs its now play time. It is important to note that since it’s a Nintendo DS emulator some games with larger graphics might lag a bit, however those with smaller graphics will work perfectly okay.

With such apps iPhone/iPad jailbreaking will be a thing of the past. Follow the steps and your Nintendo gaming experience.


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