LockBrowser Jailbreak Tweak for Surfing from the Lock Screen

Until now, the only way you could access and use a browser on your phone is by first unlocking it. However, the new LockBrowser jailbreak tweak is changing things up. After installing the tweak, it will no longer be mandatory for you to unlock your jailbroken iPhone or iPad to access the invaluable tools that are web browsers. This tweak will put a browser right on your Lock screen.

Configuring the LockBrowser jailbreak tweak

When you install the LockBrowser tweak, it will add its preferences pane in the Settings app. To play around with the tweak’s options, locate this pane and start changing the options until you are satisfied with your customized Lock screen-based browser.

LockBrowser Jailbreak Tweak

While tinkering around with the options, some of the things you will get include:

  • Choose between light and dark modes
  • Set your preferred browser home page
  • Choose radius measurement for the corners

After making the changes, go ahead and save the changes by hitting the Respring button at the bottom of the preference pane. The next time you are on the Lock screen, you will access the home page you had set.

At the top of section of the browser, there is a URL bar for entering website addresses. On the opposite side, the back, refresh, home, and forward navigation button are available for browsing from one webpage to another.

While using LockBrowser, you will miss the content blockers you already have in Safari. This is probably one of the notable caveats of the tweak, oh well, browser. On the flip side, it is impressively fast like Safari and works well with all websites customized for mobile use.

Why Use LockBrowser

To some users, the LockBrowser jailbreak tweak may not add so much value since unlocking their devices via Touch ID is fast. However, if you use a passcode and you do not want to manually enter it every time, then using this tweak to access the internet quickly would make sense. Its nice-looking interface is another thing that will draw you into liking the tweak.

If you find LockBrowser interesting and want to try it out, ensure you have a jailbroken device first. Next, head over to Cydia’s BigBoss repo. The tweak will cost you $0.99 and it works on iOS 7, 8, and 9 devices.

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