Little X tweak for iOS 11: Get iPhone X gestures on older iPhones

When individuals jailbreak their iOS devices, they trade their device’s security by leaving Apple’s carefully managed app ecosystem, to gain that little bit of extra customization. Little X for iOS 11 meets this need uniquely, by bringing the revolutionary user interface and the gestures that are exclusive to the iPhone X line, to non-iPhone X devices.

It is, therefore, the perfect customization tool, and the answer to how to get iPhone X gestures on older iPhones, if you are not willing to pay the $1000 premium for an iPhone X.

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The Little X tweak is one of the most comprehensive iPhone X gestures tweak available right now. The developer, Andrew Wiik, brings not just the gestures and the user interface of Apple’s groundbreaking recent flagships, but also all the Side Button shortcuts and functionality is mapped onto the Sleep/Wake key.

Also, unlike the majority of similar jailbreak tweaks, where developers host them on their own repo and force you to first add their repo manually into Cydia, the Little X repo can be found in Cydia, making its installation that much easier.

How to download and Install Little X tweak on iOS 11

The Little X officially supports all iOS 11 devices, up to iOS 11.4b3, so if your iOS device is running a compatible version of iOS, you can proceed with the Little X download and installation as follows:

  • Launch Cydia and tap on the search icon.
  • Type in “Little X” in the search box and then tap on the tweak from the results.
  • You will be redirected to the “Details” page for Little X.
  • Tap on “Modify” on the upper right corner to proceed with the installation.
  • On the resulting confirmation prompt, tap on “Install.”
  • In the following page, tap on “Confirm” on the upper right.
  • The tweak will then be downloaded on your device, after the process completes, select “Restart Springboard” to respring your iPhone and finish the installation.

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How to set up and use the Little X tweak

When your iPhone finishes respringing, you will notice the immediate difference on your lock screen, with the camera and flashlight icons now being circular. Navigate to your Settings app and tap on Little X to see the multitude of changes and features that you can activate on your iOS 11 devices to get it just how you want it.

A unique feature which we would like to draw your attention to is the “Swipe Up to Kill” feature which was implemented in iOS 12. This is a much cleaner way to close apps than the clunky “Hold to Kill” method in the iPhone X originally, and the fact that it is already in Little X shows just how dedicated the developers are at updating this tweak.

Hopefully, this comprehensive guide on the Little X for iOS 11 has been helpful in giving you access to one more customization tool for your jailbroken iOS device. For more guides, tips, tricks and tweaks for iOS, check out some of our other tutorials.

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