Top 20 Free IPA Download Sites

Many people for the day when AppStore offer a free trial version for a paid app that you think you require, before you can spend your hard-earned cash knowing that the app does work as advertised. Interestingly, even after sometimes taking the plunge and shelling out the money for an app you require, you often find yourself tied down with pesky subscriptions. Which is why, in this guide, we detail the 20 best IPA download sites that offer free versions of the AppStore’s paid apps.

These listed sites are for IPA stores iOS which has very strict rules regarding downloading and installation of apps on your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch from third-party providers and sources other than iTunes and the AppStore. Therefore, you must be using an Apple device running a jailbreak to install the free apps from most of these IPA download sites using Cydia Impactor.

  1. iOSNinja

Credited as a leading source for iOS product news, reviews, tips and rumors, iOSNinja has a vast library of free IPA files for download. With a clean and straight-forward user interface, iOSNinja provides you with numerous iDevice resources from firmware files, jailbreaking wizards and tutorials to a huge collection of regularly updated IPA files for free download. The only downside is that they host their IPA files with a website that limits transfers to 2GB a day, but that is plenty for most people.

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2. PandaApp

One of the more popular free IPA download sites, PandaApp requires you to sign in with either your Facebook account or you could register yourself on the site. This site is unique as, besides offering a huge inventory of IPA files for your iDevice, it also offers a huge collection of Android apps. The downside of the site is the huge number of popups and advertisements you have to deal with on the site, but they are nothing but a minor irritation and some might be even useful.

3. vShare

vshare won't download

A widely recognized free IPA download site that works with devices not running a jailbreak. Furthermore, vShare boasts both web and an app versions of its IPA market. The app version allows you to download and install apps natively onto your iOS device while the web version provides frequently updated free IPA files for download. The downside of vShare is the limited download speeds and the odd error when downloading apps but those are quickly offset by the numerous advantages it offers.

4. AppAddict

AppAddict started out as a highly popular Cydia tweak to download paid applications for free and later evolved into a free IPA download site with the development of Cydia Impactor. With a clean, intuitive and very straight-forward interface, AppAddict deliver regularly updated IPA files of a huge number of apps and works even with non-jailbreak iOS devices.

5. iPhone Cake

Another popular site that offers IPA apps for free download to all iOS users including those not running a jailbreak on their devices, iPhone Cake boasts a very simple and user-friendly interface and a vast number of paid apps that are available for free download to your iOS device.

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6. Mob

On this site, all you need to do is register your iOS device and all the compatible apps, games and other customization features will be made available to you. Mob offers a great assortment of paid iOS apps that are free to download as IPA files and is highly recommended for iOS gaming enthusiasts.

7. AppSoDo

Apart from offering a vast amount of free IPA files for download, AppSoDo offers you the opportunity to downgrade from iOS 11 to iOS 10.3.2 on any of your devices should you so wish. The website also features install systems with USB start and has a simple categorical system of all iOS apps and games.


An IPA site that features free cracked iOS apps compatible with all iDevices. offers a wide variety of free apps as well as older versions of apps should you wish to revert to an older version due to reliability or other issues.

9. Hollr2099

Hollr2099 is a free IPA store that offers you the ability to download any app of your choice and no charge. Simply visit the site, search for whatever app you’re interested in, and process to download the free IPA.

10. IplayPlus

For the iOS gaming enthusiast, iPlayPlus offers a huge inventory of paid games completely free and regularly updated. It features a wide variety of very popular games as IPA files ready to be sideloaded into your iOS device.

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11. App DB

Once you get past the initial linking of your iOS device and preferred PC or Mac to the site, App DB offers you a wide variety of apps and games to download as free IPA apps. The site also offers remarkable support.

12. iOSApp

iOSApp offers a huge repository of both iOS and android applications for free download. With a clean and simple interface, iOSApp lets you download game and app IPA files easily and conveniently.

13. 51iPA

An IPA library that was developed and actively maintained by a Chinese team, 51iPA offers you the ability to search and download any IPA file you wish completely free. The site is in Chinese but can be very easily translated through your browser.

14. iDownloads

iDownloads is a Russian site that allows you to both download and share your IPA files from anywhere in the world. It lets you download files of any size free of charge and the site is easily translated to English through your browser.

15. iEmulators

While this site isn’t as widely popular as others on this guide, it still offers you the option to directly download free IPA files. The only downside to this site is that sections of the website are regularly listed as ‘under maintenance’ and the site doesn’t offer quite a huge variety of apps as some others. Nevertheless, it offers a clean and straight-forward experience.

16. iOS Emulators Spot

This site acts as a repository of all the most popular Cydia Emulator IPAs including PPSSPP, RetroArch, GameCube4OS, GearBoy etc. So if iOS emulators are your fancy, then simply visit their site to download free IPA emulator apps.

17. iApplications

iApplications is another uncommon IPA store, mostly due to the language barrier as the site is in Russian. However some browsers such as Google Chrome will offer easy translation thus clearing that hurdle and giving you access to all the free IPA apps this site has to offer.

18. APVV

APVV is a subdivision of vShare. It is a solid alternative should vShare not work well for you for any reason. APVV allows you to download otherwise paid apps through vShare.

19. iPSWBeta

iPSWBeta is still in its initial stages of development but offers free cracked and tweaked IPAs to users who aren’t running a jailbreak on their device. This site also offers latest iOS beta release downloads and firmware files without a paid developer account. The downside of the site is that, since it is still in its initial stages, not many apps are available on the site.

20. iPADownload

This website is a repository for free IPA files for iOS devices including tweaks, jailbreak wizards, games and applications. The site also offers beta firmware files that don’t need a developer account to install.

IPA download sites for iPhones, iPads and iPod Touch are numerous and ultimately the choice for a site comes down to personal preference. In this guide we have compiled a list of the top 20 free IPA download sites to ensure we give you the best possible chance to find your preferred type of IPA site.

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