iPhone GPS Spoof Without Jailbreak

If you want to up your Instagram game, then you might be thinking of faking your location for different so that your followers can envy you. Well, you aren’t wrong. This trick can work magic. However, faking an iPhone’s location isn’t easy since the GPS automatically detects your exact location and this makes it difficult to teleport to a new location.

But with a little bit of creativity, it is possible to spoof your iPhone location. Here is how to spoof your iPhone GPS without jailbreak.

How to change your iPhone location without jailbreak

Here is how to spoof the location on your iPhone.

  1. The first thing that you need to do to fake the GPS location of your iPhone without jailbreak it to back up your iPhone. Connect your iPhone to your PC with iTunes installed.
  2. Click the icon of the connected device from iTunes. Locate the “Backup and Restore” section and press the “Backup Now” button. Ensure that the “Encrypt iPhone Backup” option has not been checked.
  3. Download the iBackupBot software for your PC or Mac from the download page here.
  4. Install the software after it has downloaded and launch it. The downloaded software will detect the backup that you have created from iTunes and it will launch all the information that is associated with it.
  5. From the iBackupBot software, you will have to navigate to the “Preferences” section and there are two ways of doing that. Click the “System Files” tab on the software’s homepage. Click the “Home Domain” button and then click on “Library” which contains the “Preferences” tab.

Alternatively, click on the “User App Files” from the software’s homepage and click the com.apple.Maps tab. Click “Library” from this section to access the “Preferences” settings.

  1. Find and open the com.apple.Maps.plist file from the “Preferences” settings. This file is basically the iOS location spoofer and a little modification will allow to fake your iPhone location.
  2. Within this file, you will be able to notice a unique file structure. Search for a block of data that starts with a <dict> tag and keyword. You will need to change the structure of the block of data by add two new lines so as to make iPhone GPS spoof possible.
Add the lines below to the block of data.


  1. After adding this information, save the changes and exist iBackupBot software.
  2. From your iPhone, go to Settings and proceed to iCloud. Click “Find my iPhone” and disable this feature.
  3. Choose the “Restore Backup” option and use the backup that you have created using the iBackupBot software.
  4. Launch the Maps app on your iPhone when the restoration process ends and choose the location that you want. You will find an information bar that you will tap to access the “Simulate Location” option. You can now change your location as you wish.

Changing your location on your iPhone is not that difficult and this article highlights how the iPhone GPS spoof with jailbreak process works. Read it to learn how to change your location seamlessly.

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