Xiaojigame (Happy Chick) download guide for iOS

Xiaojigame also known as Happy Chick emulator is an all-purpose app whenever it comes to bringing back the favorite retro gaming experience back to iOS devices. With the advancements in technology new built-in certificate updates in iOS 8 and higher have made harder for apps such as GBA4iOS and nds4iOS to deliver quality gaming experience.

Luckily, we’ve been able to find a solution pretty soon. With Happy Chick as a one-stop-shop, you are able to find all your favorite iOS emulators easily. The following tips will guide you install the Happy Chick app easily, you’ll only need patience as the process is a bit longer.

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Steps to download Xiaojigame (Happy Chick) Without Jailbreak

  • Open your App store and download WeChat
  • Step up your WeChat account by keying in your phone number and going through the verification process with the given code.
  • Search Xiaojigame in the search field
  • Select the app with a user name in Chinese. Normally the search results always returns only one result.
  •  Tap on the iOS options at the bottom menu of your screen.
  • Since the language is in Chinese, tap on the blue link at the package’s description.
  • At the top right-hand corner, click on the 3 dotted options and chose open in Safari.
  • You’ll be redirected to a new page. Copy the Activation Code at this page and click on step 1: Download for iOS button then continue choosing Install.
  • The Happy Chick App will be installed on your screen
  • Before opening it go to Settings > General > Device Management > Shenzhen Misi Interactive Entertainment > Trust.
  • Open the Happy Chick emulator and paste the Activation Code you’d copied in step 8.

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The app is now activated and you can start searching for your favorite games and emulators. It is important that you note each device has its own unique code used to activate the Happy Chick app. Xiaojigame supports emulators and some of the most common emulators include: Nintendo DS, Nintendo 64, PSP and Gameboy Advance.

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