How to install AppValley for iOS 12: Is it safe?

AppValley is an application for iOS that lets iPhone users to download modified versions of apps for free. It has a large collection of apps that span across various niches from productivity apps to games and more.

If you can put up with a couple of distracting ads while downloading, then you shouldn’t have any problems using the app.

Ever since the disappearance of some of the most popular apps in the jailbreak scene, AppValley has stepped up to be the ultimate go-to app for people wishing to download cracked apps. Not only does it come with a wide variety of tweaks, but is also updated frequently.

There had been concerns about AppValley recently, but going by a recent thread on reddit, the bug was unintentional and program is safe to use.

Appvalley reddit

Features of AppValley

  • Clean Interface- AppValley has a clean and user-friendly interface. You can navigate through and download your preferred apps.
  • No jailbreak download– AppValley for iOS 12 can function without jailbreak. So, you don’t need to jailbreak your iPhone to install apps through this platform.
  • Reliability– This app is free from bugs and errors
  • A huge number of applications– You can find any application you want in one place. It’s because of the huge database that Appvalley VIP has. You don’t need a different installer.
  • Download apps for free– All apps available at AppValley without jailbreak are free. Still, you can install some paid apps for free on the official App Store.
  • Security– Apps available on AppValley have gone through a number of security tests. They are free from viruses and malware.
  • Fast download– You can download applications faster because of the fast download servers. You also need to have a strong internet connection.
  • Update notifications– You will receive a notification automatically whenever an update for an app is available.

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How to download and install AppValley for iOS 12

  • Launch the Safari browser
  • Go to the AppValley’s website
  • Navigate to ‘Install AppValley’ option
  • Click on the icon to install the app
  • It will take some time for the application to install on your device

To use AppValley, proceed to Settings

  • Tap on General
  • Select Profile & Device Management
  • Tap to trust AppValley

AppValley is now ready for use.


Is AppValley safe?

Yes, the app does not pose a safety risk to your device or data. It does not require an Apple ID for fixing improved apps.

Is AppValley available for Android?

Yes, it is available for Android devices. But the installation procedure is a bit different from that of iOS.

How can I delete AppValley from my device?

We created a detailed guide for deleting AppValley from iOS devices.

How do I fix AppValley if it gets revoked?

Apple keeps revoking the certificate to run it because it is a third-party app. For this reason, you need to install Anti-revoke software in your device.

How can I fix AppValley profile installation failed error?

Few errors occur due to high-traffic on the server. Still, your browser cookie setting might be the reason. If AppValley still won’t install, try uninstalling and reinstalling the app.

That is it! You can now install games and apps using AppValley for iOS without any worry. No more spending your dollars to buy an app. No more distracting ads when downloading apps. Everything is done smoothly and in less time. This is the best installer you need for your iOS device to install cracked apps for iOS.

This post is meant to bring awareness that such an app exists and nothing else. We don’t root for any content they place on the app nor do we encourage its use.

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