How to fix Cydia Impactor error: installer.cpp:71

Cydia Impactor is dear to a lot of us. This utility’s ability to allow us to sideload apps without running jailbreaks is nothing short of amazing; which is why errors such as the application already installed as incompatible team one might be quite worrisome to many users. If you’re in such a situation, we’re here for you with a comprehensive guide on how to fix this error.

In fact, Cydia Impactor is so essential that most of our Apple iOS ecosystem tweaks, tips, and hacks for users not running jailbroken iPhones, iPads and iPod Touch on here have Cydia Impactor as a prerequisite.

So if you ever ran into the installer.cpp:71 error while following one of those guides or on your own while using the utility, then hopefully this guide will get you out of it.

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Solving the “installer.cpp:71 error”

The first step to solving the application already installed as incompatible team error is to understand the cause of the error in the first place. Basically, most of the ‘incompatible team’ errors are brought about by installing an app which is from a different source or Apple ID as the original.

This is most apparent with game and apps tweaks that users install without deleting the original. Re-signing the apps with everything similar should eliminate the error in this case.

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However, should the process above not solve it for you, then you’ll need to remove the existing version of the app you’re attempting an install of, then install the IPA. This is especially common with users attempting a re-jailbreak with Yalu after the 7-day certificate.

That’s it! If this guide helped you solve your Cydia Impactor installer.cpp:71: application already installed as incompatible team error, then you should really consider checking out our other Apple tips, tricks and also our comprehensive guides on all things Cydia Impactor. Have fun.

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