Fluidity Tweak for iOS 12

Apple’s change in design language with the iPhone X introduced some sacrifices and some new features, most notably, replacing the home button with the intuitive gestures we have come to appreciate deeply. But what about those users on an iPhone with the home button, but who want to be part of the gestures gang?

Fluidity tweak for iOS 11 was developed as the answer to this particular dilemma, as it ports the beautiful and intuitive gestures of the iPhone X line to all other iPhones, and doesn’t charge $1000 for it – in fact, the tweak is entirely free, given that your iOS device is jailbroken of course.

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Fluidity essentially adds a home bar at the bottom of your iOS 11 device. This element lets you swipe up to go home and access the app switcher, just like on the iPhone X line. However, this Cydia tweak also maps the existing hardware buttons to emulate the functionality of the side and volume buttons on the iPhone X.

This means that with the tweak enabled, you can activate your beloved Siri by holding down the power button, turn off the phone by holding down the power button and volume down key and take a screenshot by holding down the power button and volume up key. It is the closest to iPhone X functionality, without actually buying an iPhone X.

How to download and Install Fluidity tweak

The fluidity tweak is compatible only with devices running iOS 11. Also, like with all Cydia tweaks, you need to be running a jailbreak on your device. Unfortunately, as of the time of this writing, the fluidity repo had been taken offline due to bugs and other instabilities, which led it to fail the public beta testing phase.

However, the developer of fluidity otherwise undertook the development of a similar tweak called Fluidenabler, which is still under active development. This relatively stable tweak has the same functionality is the Little X tweak.

While the Fluidity tweak for iOS 11 and 12 hasn’t been updated for long, you can still check out other alternatives like Little X and Fingal. For other guides on Cydia tweaks, and tips and tricks, check out some of our other articles on the site.

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