Duplexclock Jailbreak Tweak Lets You Add a Second Clock in Status Bar

The need to know the current time of a place in a different time zone always arises. One can search for the same on the internet. However, this approach requires several steps. To minimize such steps, you can seek the help of the DuplexClock jailbreak tweak. This Cydia package oozes simplicity. It adds a subtle piece of information in the Status bar just like other tweaks.

Enjoy a Second Clock with the DuplexClock Jailbreak Tweak

As mentioned, DuplexClock is notably easy to use. After installing it, you will immediately notice the second clock next to the Time. This additional clock presents flexibility. You can configure it based on your preferred time zone. As a result, you will always have two clocks in the Status bar. The first clock shows your current local time while the second clock displays the current time in the time zone of your choice.Duplexclock Jailbreak Tweak

The two times showing at the same time will save you the time for searching for such information via your browser. As simple as it looks, the DuplexClock jailbreak tweak is helpful to people who work collaboratively from different time zones. A second look at your Status bar will let you know if you are late in delivering urgent work or not.

Configuring this jailbreak tweak is simple. Just head over to the Settings app and tap on Duplex Clock Settings. The options in this pane include a toggle button to enable or disable the tweak on demand. Select Timezone gives you a list of locations and timezones. The second clock in the Status bar will display the time you choose from this list.

This Cydia tweak supports both 12 and 24-hour clock systems. If you think DuplexClock will be handy in your daily operations, then you can go ahead and download it from the BigBoss repo in Cydia. It is free.

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