iFile Download & Installation Guide for iOS

If you own an iPhone, you should know by now that Apple, by default, doesn’t allow users to access the iOS file system whether you want to use it for customization, out of curiosity, or whatever purpose. However, if you have jailbroken your device, accessing these files isn’t an issue since you can do so with tweaks like iFile for iOS 9, 10, 11, and iOS 12.

If you have not jailbroken your device, the good news is that iFile can also be installed on the iPhone 4, 5, and 6S, 7, 8, and X without the need for jailbreak. You need to make sure that the device is running on the latest iOS version before you download the ipa. Users who have already jailbroken their devices only need to head to Cydia to download this ipa file for the iFile tweak.

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Steps to Follow for a Successful iFile ipa Download

The following tutorial is designed to enable those who haven’t jailbroken their devices to access the iPhone file system using a jailbreak tweak. The method here allows anybody to download the tweak without having to jailbreak the iphone, ipad, or iPod. Please make sure you using iOS 9.1 and above for the best functionality.

  • Open Safari browser on your iPhone
  • Type openappmkt.com on the address bar
  • Wait for the page to load and find OpenAppMkt
  • Tap to install
  • Once installed, search for iFile and then proceed with installing the ipa file

There is also another way that you can use to download this useful tweak without having to jailbreak your device.

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How to install iFile on your iPhone/iPad

If you have iNoCydia installed in your device, use the method below to install iFile. iNoCydia is also easy to install by itself hence you can install it too if you don’t have.

  • Launch Safari
  • Visit pgyer.com/ATAy
  • Tap ‘Install App’
  • Wait for the app to download and Install

Both processes are quite easy to use and shouldn’t take you a long time to have this jailbreak tweak installed. This app will come in handy in many instances like when you want to view the iOS files, compress, uncompress, copy, cut, or even paste.

Using iFile to Remove iCloud Activation

The method below requires you to have jailbroken your device before you remove your iCloud lock. If you had a non-jailbroken device and would simply like to remove the icloud lock with jailbreak, then you need to jailbreak your device first. You can follow this guide to complete the jailbreak successfully. Make sure your iPhone is running on the latest Pangu jailbreak before you try this activation lock bypass method.

  • Check to ensure that your iPhone is jailbroken. If it is not, please download the latest Pangu tools to jailbreak it since this method only works on iOS device that have a jailbreak.
  • Open Cydia and download iFile, iFrewall, and iCleaner
  • The purpose of iFile here is to remove a password from a locked iOS device. Visit var/keychains/ then find and delete keychain-2.db.
  • Press and hold the power button then restart the iPhone
  • Open iFirewall and go to settings
  • Add a new rule by choosing ‘Deny All Connections’ which appears on the menu. Also block incoming and outgoing connections to ‘apple.com’.
  • Open iCleaner and disable iCloud Daemon
  • Restart your iPhone and press and hold the power button
  • Slide to power it off and restart your iPhone
  • Once restarted, go to Settings and then Find My iPhone in iCloud.
  • Here, all the settings should be turned off, allowing you to easily remove the iCloud account
  • Now open iCleaner and re-enable iCloud Daemon then uninstall iFirewall from your iOS device through Cydia
  • Restart the iPhone
  • Now head to Settings and create a new account. Sometimes you will get an error that ‘Server can’t establish connection’. Keep repeating until it works.
  • On the new account, activate Find My iPhone, which will add your new iPhone activation status on the jailbroken device.
  • Go to https://www.icloud.com/ on your computer and sign in with the newly created details. Test if the connection works and if it does, just click on Erase iPhone from the iCloud Window.
  • If the process of erasing the locked iPhone freezes, turn your iPhone in DFU mode and then restore it through iTunes.
  • Once the iPhone restarts, sign in with the Apple ID that you used to erase the iPhone.

At this point, you have completed the process needed to bypass or remove iCloud lock your device and it should now be deleted. From here you can now add a new iCloud account on your device.

While taking the steps labelled here, note that this is only for educational purposes and shouldn’t be done on devices that have been acquired illegally or stolen as legal steps will be taken against you. Having known that, you can share your views on the iFile method to disable iCloud on a locked iPhone.

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Top 4 iFile Alternatives for iOS

These alternative apps can be installed without jailbreaking your Phone hence you don’t need to have Cydia installed for them to work. With that being said, here are the top 4 iFile alternatives:

[wpsm_numhead num=”1″ style=”4″ heading=”3″]OpenSSH[/wpsm_numhead]

Despite being a technical tool that is used mostly in Linux to monitor networks, OpenSSH has some capabilities that iPhone users who are searching for an alternative for iFile would love using. OpenSSH is the free version of SSH and provides a powerful file management tool that allows to perform multiple actions on the files.

This is not only for those seeking apps similar to iFile, but also those who want to experiment further with network security.

View OpenSSH

[wpsm_numhead num=”2″ style=”4″ heading=”3″]iFunBox[/wpsm_numhead]

A short while ago, we listed down the alternatives for iFunBox and this time around, it features here as an alternative for iFile. The main reason for featuring iFunBox is that just kike iFile, it enables file transfer, management, exploring, browsing, and even editing.

iFunBox is like the swiss army knife of the iPhone since it can be used to install ipa files too, among other things. You don’t have to jailbreak your iPhone, iPad, or iPod in order to use iFunBox.

View iFunBox

[wpsm_numhead num=”3″ style=”4″ heading=”3″]Filza File Manager[/wpsm_numhead]

It is somehow weird to say that Filza is an alternative for iFile since it looks and works exactly in the same manner as iFile. It is the perfect replacement and comes with many features such as powerful file viewers, media players, hex editor, text editors, and ability to edit files. Filza also allows sharing of files between your device and air browser. Please check out this Filza file manager review to get an idea of the functions of this app.

View Filza

[wpsm_numhead num=”4″ style=”4″ heading=”3″]DropCopy [/wpsm_numhead]

If your main reason for using iFile is to share files and folders with other devices, then DropCopy will impress you. This app is found in the iTunes store, meaning that you don’t have to jailbreak your device in order to access it. It is available for the iPhone and iPad and does quite a tremendous job when it comes to file transfer. It is worth downloading as an alternative for iFile.

View DropCopy

I hope you have found these alternatives to work for you. In case of any more information or suggestions please leave a comment below.

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