7 best escape games for iPhone

Room escape games are thrilling, scary, adventurous, and entertaining -which is why they are some of the most popular apps on the app store. Playing these puzzle games will keep your brain thinking of new ways and strategies to complete missions and score the highest points. Besides, you will also be training your brain to execute critical decisions within a short time.

Room escape apps are among the most downloaded and top-rated mobile games. Be it as it may, real-life escape games similar to The Room are fun and more interactive. Nevertheless, when you find a good escape game, you can be lost in it the entire day. Here are some of the best escape games for iPhone:

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  1. War Escape

War escape

War escape is a game that has fifteen separate locations with a perfect fighting atmosphere. You play as a war prisoner held up in a filthy bunker. For you to complete your mission, you need to do everything within your power like finding hidden objects and solving puzzles to unlock the rooms.

Download: War escape

  1. Adventure Escape: Dark Ruins

Adventure escape dark ruins

Dark Ruins is an escape room iPhone game where you get crash-landed in a classical city. The city is filled with mystery, magic, and secrets. The ancient forces living within the city are intimidating to surge the world. As a result, the city is magical.

You need to find the clues and save the world from a terrible flood. For you to achieve this, you need to escape the old ruins and survive the night. This game is more interesting if you like story game. You will interact with your friends adding more fun to it.

Download: Adventure Escape: Dark Ruins

  1. Spotlight: Room Escape

spotlight room escape

It’s one of the traditional room escape games where you are kidnapped and locked in an unspecified room. After the kidnap, your memory is mixed up. At this point, your aim should be to find all the clues that will enable you to escape the rooms and recover your memories. This game looks and feels like showbiz. Still, objects in the room are placed in logical positions making the game interesting in solving the puzzles. It has in-app purchases.

Download: Spotlight: Room Escape

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  1. Cube Escape: Paradox

cube escape paradox

You play Cube Escape Paradox as a detective who was kidnapped and locked in a room. To escape you have to find all the clues in the room and solve all the puzzles. The interesting thing about this game is that it has film crossovers and several games. Besides, it is divided into several chapters. The ending will depend on the choices you made during the game.

Download: Cube Escape: Paradox

  1. The Room: Old Sins

the room old sins

The Room Old Sin is a premium game that cost $1.49. It is a highly rated escape room iPhone game with a good story to start with. It’s not the regular room escape games. In this game, you look for the lost interest which turns out to be solving the case of a missing engineer friend together with his wife. As you play the game, you interact with different objects in the room. If you wish to there are games similar to the room with different challenges.

Download: The Room: Old Sins

  1. True Fear: Forsaken Souls I

True fear forsaken

This is a dark horror and adventure game where you try to reveal the secret behind the death of your mother and the disappearance of your sister. The interesting part of this game is you can opt to play hidden object scenes or play escape room puzzles. You can unlock 40 separate achievements while playing this game. Moreover, you can unlock bonus material like concept art, additional puzzles, secret info and much more.

Download: True Fear: Forsaken Souls

  1. The Escapists: Prison Escape

The escapists

This game is one of the best escape games for iPhone 8-bit game where you role-play as a prisoner. Unlike other room escape games, The Escapists Prison Escape you need to find clues and make useful objects out of them before the guards of the prison. After you gather all the tools, you can now embark on the journey to escape from prison. The best part with this game is that it requires calculated play to break free from various conditions. Above all, it is a premium game that cost $6.49.

Download: The Escapists: Prison Escape

Room escape apps are designed to give a thrilling experience and tend to feel like real-life situations. At the core of each game, it has you solving mysteries and then getting out of danger safely.  Hopefully, this list of games should give you the thrill you need.

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