Appvn Download Guide for iOS 10 Without Jailbreak

Are you looking to customize your iPad/iPhone/iPad device with apps and games of your choice?

If the answer to this question is YES then definitely this is the right place for you. Appvn for iOS is an app store is that will allow you download and install all the third party apps and games freely and easily in your smartphone devices in just a split of a second.

By now, you might be questioning what is it that sets Appvn apart from the other common apps stores such as Apple App store and iTunes?

The first and most important feature is its availability. Unlike other app stores, Appvn is available for both Android and iOS users thereby making it usable with virtually all smartphone devices around. Secondly, is that its terms and conditions are not harsh thereby allowing developers upload their apps here.

And finally is that the AppVN app store can be downloaded without one necessarily having to Jailbreak their smartphone devices.

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How to download Appvn for iOS 10, 11

The following steps should guide you download and install the Appvn app without JailBreaking your iPhone/iPad.

Appvn store is available on all iOS version starting from version 6.0 and above and therefore you shouldn’t experience any compatibility issues while installing it. Another important point to note is that, the app, being a competitor of Apple App store, it cannot be downloaded from there and therefore you need to have a functioning browser on your smartphone in order to start the process.

  • Open safari browser on your iPhone/iPad and visit this link
  • After the website has opened up successfully three options are presented, the iOS, Android and Windows phone options. Click on the first option the iOS option.
  • A small prompt appears on your smartphone screen with instruction “Cancel” and “Install”. Click on the install option and wait for the App to install to completion.
  • Once the installation process is successful, a notification prompt appears. Simply click on Ok if you want to receive AppVN app notifications or otherwise click on Don’t allow.
  • Since the Appvn app default language is not English, you will need to change it settings o English. In order to do this simply go to Menu>iOS>Language in the application.

With the above simple steps, your app is functional and ready for use.

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