How to Download AppCake For iOS 11 (No Jailbreak)

AppCake is one of the most popular apps that you can install on your phone with or without jailbreaking. In this post, you will learn about this app, its repo, and how to install on your iPhone, iPad, or iPad Touch that is running on the latest version of iOS. Whether you need to install AppCake from Cydia or with no jailbreak, you will learn it all.

What is AppCake

AppCake is an unofficial Cydia app store that allow you to download and install cracked apps and games for free. It features a large number of cracked applications that you can download and install on your iPhone, iPod, or iPad for without paying anything. If you are coming from using other apps and would like to try this one, then you should know that it is among the best alternatives for Installous.

Although it is easy for users who have jailbroken iOS devices to get premium apps and tweaks via Cydia, those who have not jailbroken their devices will have to contend with third-party apps like AppCake to get these apps. So far, AppCake is one of the best sources for free paid apps.

Is Appcake safe?

Just like any other app that isn’t found in the official Apple Appstore, you are entirely liable for any damage that is done from installing third-party apps like Appcake. From the people who have used this app, it is classified as safe. Also, the apps contained in the store aren’t checked properly for any threats hence you should rely on reviews posted here to know whether they are safe to use or not.


Appcake is compatible with iOS 7, 8, 9, 10, and 11. You can install it without jailbreak on the latest version of iOS or you can downgrade to a jailbreakable version of iOS before you install this app with no jailbreak.

How to install AppCake in Cydia

If you have Cydia installed, you can install AppCake using the steps that have been provided here. Just remember that you need AppSync Unified, which is an app that enables AppCake to Run on your device. Without it, you won’t be able to use this app. Once you have installed AppSync, follow these steps:

  • Open Cydia
  • Go to Manage > Sources
  • Tap on Edit on the top right
  • Go to Add
  • Enter under sources
  • Wait until the Appcake repo has been added
  • Go to the search section, type AppCake then hit Search
  • Select the first result and wait for the app to install before you open it.

How to Install AppCake in iOS 11, 10 Without Jailbreaking

If you are using iOS 10 or iOS 11 and you have not yet jailbroken your device, you will require to install OpenAppMkt first, for you to download Cydia and then install Appcake. Follow these procedures to install Appcake without jailbreaking iOS 10 or 11:

  • Launch OpenAppMkt and search for Cydia
  • Download and install it first. It doesn’t need jailbreaking
  • Launch Cydia
  • Go to Manage > Sources > Edit
  • Tap Add
  • Enter
  • Search for AppCake then tap to install
  • Go to the homescreen and open the app.

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You have now finished installing app cake and the next step would be to open the store and access thousands of free premium apps. These apps are easy to install as you only need to click on download. Leave a comment below if you encounter any problems during installation and use and you’ll get help.

Thanks to the AppCake repo, it is possible to install Cydia tweaks and App Store apps and trying them out before buying. It is worth noting that you could do all that when Installous was still up and running. However, it was unfortunate that the developers of Installous had to take shut it down. The shutdown was beneficial to AppCake.

Ever since, more users have been switching to the AppCake repo that was formerly iPAStore as the favorite alternative to Installous. As you install this app, it is necessary to note that it is for educational purposes. As such, it is wise to buy and install apps from the App Store.

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