7 Best Apps to Watch Anime on Your iPhone or iPad

If you want to watch the best anime from your iPad or iPhone then you will love this app collection.

For those who love anime like I do, you might have found it frustrating to find that one superb app with plenty of shows and your favorite anime. Well, a simple search for anime apps will give you many iOS apps, but surprisingly, most of them only curate low quality content from other sites.

This is why this guide is important. Not only are you getting anime apps for iOS that provide an awesome watching experience, but also quite a number of shows with a dubbed English version.

How to watch anime on iOS 10/11

You’ve heard or used those apps that require you to follow lots of steps before you can use them and those that have poor navigation. Well, the list I’ve created features none of those. It follows a strict code to provide apps that have many shows, feature high quality streams, and are easy to navigate. Watching anime on your iPhone or iPad should be a breeze on any of these apps.

How to download Anime on your iPhone

Some of these apps will provide a direct download link when watching anime. If you need to save a particular episode, then select an app that has a download option. Again, the apps I have indicated to contain a download button are safe to use.

Top apps for watching anime

Shonen Jump Manga Reader

Shonen jump manga reader

If you love Manga magazines, particularly Shonen Jump, then Shonen Jump Manga reader should easily be your favorite Manga app. This English version of Shonen Jump covers all the popular anime including One Piece, One-Punch man, Tokyo Ghoul Jack, The Promised Neverland, Dragon Ball Super, and many more. Most of the chapters in this reader are available for free. However, there are also some in-app purchases.

Best Features

  • The anime library is huge and has some of the best manga you will ever find.
  • Easy to use with a seamless navigation experience
  • Weekly updates
  • You can download your favorite manga for online reading
  • Easily bookmark your favorite anime for easy access

Download from iTunes

Anime Crave

anime crave manga app

With over 2000 anime titles in Japanese and English, anime users will be spoilt for choice when it comes to watching their favorite shows on Anime Crave. This app provides high quality animations with trailers and a rating system to better your experience.

Most of the videos are in HD and the database is updated on a daily basis with the latest shows. Anime Crave provides an awesome watching experience on iOS that you will definitely love. You will also be able to create lists for easy access to your favorite videos.

Best Features

  • Easy to use –you can create lists of the anime you are watching or those you’re planning to watch
  • You can request anime
  • Rate shows
  • Over 2000 popular anime available in its database
  • You gain points while using Anime Crave and you can redeem them for Gear, DVDs and much more!

Download from iTunes


AnimeLab app for iOS

Do you want to watch anime simulcasts directly from Japan? Well, AnimeLab does a wonderful job providing thousands of episodes as they are released with new shows added on a regular basis. Incredibly, most of the shows are available free of charge.

Some of the best shows you can watch on AnimeLab include Naruto, Naruto Shippuden, Boruto Naruto Next Generations, Death Note, Dragon Ball Super, and One Punch Man.

Best features

  • Has plenty of original Japanese manga and dubbed anime
  • English dubs of your favorite anime
  • A wide selection of apps that you can watch as you please
  • Allows sending to a big screen through Chromecast, WebOS TV, and AirPlay
  • Works seamlessly on the iPad and iPhone, on both iOS 10 and 11

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If you already have a MyAnimeList account, then MyAniList is your perfect app for keeping track of your favorite anime and manga. In just a few swipes and taps, you will be able to create lists and save your favorite anime episodes or chapters. You will access details of the anime and even watch trailers.

View what other anime lovers think of the series and whether it is worth watching or not. Share your opinions, ideas, and discover what is popular among anime lovers. Whether you are looking for the best anime books or shows, you will get them in MyAniList.

Best features

  • Neat user interface that’s easy to use
  • Has the best anime books, videos, and shows
  • Shows trending anime topics and also what fellow enthusiasts are talking about
  • Helps you organize anime better

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Crunchyroll Everything Anime

Crunchyroll Everything Anime app

Crunchyroll brings together anime creators from Japan and provides them with a platform to share their best work. When you download Crunchyroll, you are gaining access to thousands of anime episodes that you can stream as you please.

From all-time favorites like Jojo’s Bizarre adventure and Titan to the latest manga, there are plenty of shows to watch with the Crunchyroll iOS app. While the anime is great, the app itself has issues that will definitely be fixed through updates.

Best Features

  • Has a huge collection of the best anime videos from Japan
  • Newest episodes are added one hour after airing in Japan
  • The app is compatible with the iPhone, iPad, Apple Tv, Roku, PS4, Xbox, among others

Download from iTunes

Anime Power

Anime Power for iOS 10

Anime Power is an interesting app that brings anime-inspired visual effects on your iPhone and iPad. As an anime fan, it is interesting to realize that you can actually replicate most of the stunts and creative energy blasts and explosions done by your favorite anime characters. With over 20 anime powers, you can be sure that you and your kids are going to love it.

Best Features

  • Unique and creative energy blasts and explosions
  • Visual effects are integrated perfectly with your photos to produce a stunning effects
  • Has cool background music
  • The sound effects are awesome
  • Allows sharing of the final image to social media

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Aozora Anime App

If you are looking for an anime library that has better categories with the latest updates, then Aozora is worth a try. This app enables you to manage your videos and shows easily as well as keeping track of those you are currently watching.

With the trending, ranking, and suggestions features, you will get the latest anime and alerts whenever new seasons are released. The app gets its data from MyAnimeList, which is an extensive database.

Best Features

  • A huge collection of dubbed anime from MyAnimeList
  • You can manage multiple lists including one featuring those you are currently watching
  • Has seasonal anime charts
  • You can schedule reminders whenever new episodes are released
  • Watch trailers and rate anime

Download from iTunes

This list features the best anime apps for the iPhone that you can find at present. If you know of a better app that isn’t included or if you would like to give a suggestion or complement, leave a comment below. All these apps work on iOS 11 and can be downloaded directly from iTunes with the links provided.

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